Military Uniforms – The Pictorial sources.
European contemporary print and painted series – from the beginnings to the end of Full Dress.

By Richard Adlington First published 2013 - revised and augmented 2016

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Every European state from the largest to the smallest had its own forces of infantry, cavalry and supporting services, whose dress changed frequently. These changes are of interest to many and the knowledge of what was actually worn is is best investigated by refering to original illustrated prints and other documented sources. We are fortunate that there is a wealth of illustrated material ranging from the remarkably numerous 18th century schematic presentations, to the large number of local artist observers of the Napoleonic Wars and to the numerous high quality print series of the 19th century. Tracking down this material however is not always straightforward.

There is not currently a publication listing these many printed and painted sources. It is the aim of the author to fill this gap and his book includes a wide range of over 450 references supported by 636 coloured pictures. Many relatively familiar sources are included; for example Raspe, Morier, Suhr, Geissler, Martinet, Weiland, Hamilton-Smith, Eckert & Monten, Mansion & Escauzier, Bellange, Lienhart & Humbert, Marbot & Noirmont, Kling, Viskovatov, Ottenfeld, Knotel and Rousselot. Other less accessible sources such as those illustrated above are also covered.