March 2017
New pictures in Gallery 5 - Readers Requests

July 2016
New Supplementary Sources and up-dated Errata emailed to readers

December 2015
Website revised to reflect new edition of book. New contents section and sample pictures and pages.

December 2015
Following another visit to the ASKB Collection, a new Supplementary Sources document has been emailed to readers. This has 12 entries with pictures for Part 1, 9 for Part 2, 32 for Part 3 and 15 for Part 4.

February 2014
A revised Supplementary Sources document has been sent to readers. This contains fresh material totalling 72 entries in addition to the sources covered in the text of the original volume
August 2013
The following material has been distributed to purchasers of the book, complete with accompanying illustrations in the same format as the book -

Supplementary Material to the Main Text.An assembly of material not included in the original work and of uniform series subsequently becoming available to the author.

Part 1
Bilderbeek Willem van - Orden und Worter un Commando 1730
Anon – Prussia Cuirassiers c.1720-62
Gudenus – France 1735
Reilly – Prussia 1797
Karl Weller - Uniform von sr Konigl Majestat in Preussen Armees
Anonymous -Hesse Kassel 1786
Saxony c.1790 – Schema
Ronnenburg - Hanover 1791 – Schema
Anonymous manuscript – Schema Austria 1788.
Anton Lowen - Abbildung Kaser K?nig Regimenter 1779
Probst – Austria 1760 – 80
Anon – Austria Projected Uniforms Design 1763
Anon – Spain Schemas 1767 & 1769
Stubbe – Legion Salm - Netherlands 1785
Martin Engelbrecht - Figures des Uniformes Suisses 1792.
Feyerabend – Switzerland 1790-93

Part 2
Breitenbach - France
Anon - Meissner Bilderhandschrift
Bauer France c.1813
Augsburg – Russia 1799
Alexander Orlovsky - Costumes des Gardes Russes 1802
Georg Adam – Russia 1814
Anon – Austrian ‘auxiliary’ Regiments 1796
C Müller – Vienna Burger Guards 1806
Uniformirung und Organisation des Burger Gardes Baiern, 1807
C A Hess - Abbildung der Chursächsischen Truppen 1806
Saxon Duchies – Watercolours c.1812
Lasinia Baslio – Cisalpine Republic 1804
Buenos Aires 1807 – two charts

Part 3
Georg Emanuel Opiz 1838-40 - dioramas
Draner - Types Militaires Etrangeres 1862 & 1893
1865 - Winkelmann & Sohn - Garde Royale Prussienne 1835
L Burger - Das Preussische Armee - Neuesten Uniformirung
Schubauer - die Königlich Sächsische Armee 1842
A Sheick - Hamburger -Militair 1868
F Paterno - Austrian Army
Ferdinand Bastin – l’Armée Francaise en 1854
Martinet – Vivandières and other series
Martinet - Mobiles 1870-71
Draner - Guerre et Commune, Gardes Nationaux, Volontaires, Gardes G H Thomas – Sketches of British Soldiers 1861.
Sinnett – Britain & other countries 1860
Seccombe’s Army & Navy Drolleries - 1873-82.
F Fuchs – Svenska Soldaten 1854
Hendrik Wilhelmus Last - Holland 1847
Charles Ewings - Holland 1886
Justus Veer – 1896
Naples c. 1820 – Two Schemas
Auria de - Naples 1820
Peitro Galateri - Armata Sarda 1844.
Papal States 1815

July 2013
Notes on Changes to Websites - sent to purchasers of the book

The Brown Collection has a new site which is currently in addition to the established one. All new images since February have been added to the new site. It has enhanced features which include an ‘additions to the collection’ box. This for the first time enables one to identity new entries to the Digital Collection without having to laboriously work through various searches. There are some foibles with the new site as its high definition pictures do not seem to like Internet Explorer but open OK with Firefox. Entries before March do not have a ‘medium resolution option therefore cannot be copied. The old site can still be used for this purpose.

There are a few interesting new entries including French troops in Holland by Hauck (Hauk in book), four nice Italian Gardes d’Honneur of 1806, Schenk’s Brandenburg folio of 1698 and a large collection of Prussian troops of 1820.

Pasha’s Russian site is mentioned on my website but not in the book. Russian sites can be rather dangerous as well as difficult to navigate. This site seems to be completely OK but I know nothing about the site or its operator. If you have not seen it, the site offers an extensive collection of uniform series. Most of them are taken from ASKB, Markus Stein or the Bibliotec Nationale but there are other useful items, particularly 18th century ones (including a very good version of Becher).

You probably have come across Alfons Canova’s blog. I do not quote it in the book or on my site as it has much modern copied material. Again I know nothing about him except that he must spend large slabs of his life entering stuff as there seem to be several new items most days. Much of it is not of great use if original sources are sought but recently he has included Montigny and the 1735 French folio of Gudenus.

March 2013

Military Uniforms – The Pictorial sources. European contemporary print and painted series – from the beginnings to the end of Full Dress.

Future Plans

I have put this work together as a culmination of many years of interest in the subject of historical military uniforms. It is not a business proposition but born of the realisation that a great deal of information had been gathered and that others might enjoy sharing it. I certainly would have liked to have such information available in the past.

About two years ago I thought that the book was ready for publication but more and more information kept appearing. Much of this was from experts elsewhere who when looking at drafts of the book, supplied wonderful new information, as well as much needed corrections. In late 2012 the time finally came to draw a line and cease the process of editing and adding more material.

My hope is that the process will not finish here and that this volume can become the focus for further participation. I would be happy to forward details of new uniform print series etc coming my way, to anyone via their email. An offer will routinely be made to purchasers of the book who register interest. I have in fact already collected together quite a lot of material that could not be included in the book for various reasons.

In addition I have no doubt that more corrections and additions will be supplied by readers and I will distribute these in the same manner. It would be rewarding if we could thereby together continuously expand the knowledge of the subject. In addition, I will of course always be willing to answer any questions, including any information that I can, about where copies pictures can be obtained from the net, libraries and publications.

Richard Adlington
Edinburgh 2013